خرید ساعت هوشمند دوجی DOOGEE CR1 Smart watch IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Sleep Monitor Fitness Heart Rate

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36 $

نقد و بررسی اجمالی
  • برند: DOOGEE
  • Mechanism: No
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • SIM Card Available: No
  • System: None
  • GPS: No
  • Type: On Wrist
  • Compatibility: All Compatible
  • ROM: <128MB
  • Function: Passometer
  • Function: Fitness Tracker
  • Function: Sleep Tracker
  • Function: Mood Tracker
  • Function: Message Reminder
  • Function: Call Reminder
  • Function: Answer Call
  • Function: Push Message
  • Function: Big Three Needles
  • Function: 24 hour instruction
  • Function: Chronograph
  • Function: Small Second
  • Function: World Time
  • Function: Power Reserve
  • Function: GMT Two Places
  • Function: Week
  • Function: Calendar
  • Rear Camera: None
  • Language: english
  • Language: Russian
  • Language: Spanish
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Language: Italian
  • Language: French
  • Language: German
  • Language: Korean
  • Language: Japanese
  • Language: Arabic
  • Language: Greek
  • RAM: <128MB
  • Waterproof Grade: Professional Waterproof
  • Multiple Dials: Yes
  • گواهینامه: CE
  • Battery Capacity: 220-300mAh
  • Network Mode: None

DOOGEE CR1World Premiere


OS Support:Android






Bluetooth:LE 5.0






Battery Time:21Days


Display:1.28” LCD Screen






Watchband:Skin-friendly silicone




Color:Rose Gold,Basalt Grey,Cypress Green,Charm Blue
,Charm Red,Obsidian Black


Feature:1.28 inch round screen full touch, high-definition and high brightness.Bluetooth 5.0 ,300MAH large battery, ultra-long battery life,24H * 7 real-time heart rate, accurate pedometer,
custom dials can be editedSupport Android / IOS cell phone message push




1*Smart Watch
1*Thimble magnetic charger


Firmware language: 1. English 2. French 3. German 4. Italian 5. Spanish 6. Chinese (the first six languages are the UI graphics language)7. Russian
8. Portuguese (Russian and Portuguese are font languages)
App languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian,Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Dutch, Arabic,Chinese (14 languages in total)


DOOGEE CR1 — Fitness Meets Fashion

Real-time heart rate monitor | 3-Week Battery Life | 13 Sporting Modes


8 Reasons to Buy

1.28″ round — screen full touch

24-hour — Heart Rate Monitor

300mAh — large battery

Intelligent — Activity Tracker

13 — Sporting Modes

Android /iOS message push

Music Controls — and Remote camera

Bluetooth 5.0

1.28”-inch HD Display

Keep tabs on your health

Features a1 .28”-inch IPS LCD screen, 240 x 240 HD resolution, high-fidelity color display.  Clearly displays incoming calls, notifications, fitness, and other important information.


21-days long standby

Always be on time

Longer battery life allows you to travel without stress. The upgraded low-power AI algorithm can extend the battery life of the watch. Use the convenient magnetic charging cable to charge instantly.


InnovationNano Silica Gel Wristband

Comfortable and breathable

The flexible silicone wristband has undergone innovative nano-light wave polarization treatment, which is comfortable and breathable. It can maintain a comfortable wearing experience even if you sweat. It is equipped with an adjustable porous design, which can match different wrists, and wear it for a long time without burden.


Cool Metalmiddle Frame

Lightweight and tough, enhance the overall texture and hardness


13 Workout Modes

Stay fit, stay healthy

Supports precise data tracking for 13 workout modes, such as climbing, outdoor running, rowing, surfing, tennis, etc. The smartwatch helps track all the ways you move.


Simple and Stylish User Interface

Easy and fun user experience

Colorful colors, stylish and simple UI design, many different styles of wallpapers to choose from.


IP68 Water-Resistant

Feel at ease even in water

DOOGEE CR1 Watch is certified to IP68 standard, no need to worry about wearing the band while washing your hands, swimming, or when caught in the rain.


42g Lightweight Build

Slim and light as a feather

New tailor-made frame, weighs about the same as a lipstick tube

Release your energy and make your exercise more enjoyable.


Push Notifications

Make life easier, stay connected

Check message notifications, phone calls and weather forecasts on the watch. DOOGEE CR1 also supports other smart features like compass and flashlight to make your everyday life easier.


Scientific Sleep Monitoring

Manage your sleep cycles

DOOGEE CR1 Watch can analyze sleep quality in real-time, such as deep sleep, light sleep and awake time, scientifically track and diagnose sleep problems while providing better rest advice and monitor your heart rate, analyzing your breathing and score your overall sleep quality.


Music & Camera Controls

Access music and camera remotely

Enjoy the experience of controlling music and camera from your wrist. You can play music with just one click and take pictures quickly and steadily with the remote shutter after you set it up in advance in your smartphone app.

Available In 6 New Colors

Shades to suit individual styles and person

Never go out of style with skin-friendly muti-color silicone strap options.Adapt to your style,
whether it is street sports,fashionista,Avant-garde,or business formal.




مشخصات کلی
سایر مشخصات

Basalt Grey
Charm Blue
Charm Red
Cypress Green
Obsidian Black
Rose Gold

وزن 500 گرم
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