16 Port KM Synchronizor, USB keyboard mouse Synchronous Controller KVM Switch for PC Android Pad DNF Game Control, with cables

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی
  • برند: PLCOME
  • مدل: XS-KM16
  • Monitor Connections: 1 Ports
  • نوع اتصال: USB
  • Package: Yes
  • Computer Connections: 16 Ports


This keyboard and mouse synchronizer can send a set of keyboard and mouse information to multiple computers at the same time, suitable for games, teaching, testing and other fields. the mouse is completely consistent on multiple computer screens. This feature is very important in the game field.


Product Features:

  • Support wireless mouse and keyboard set.
  • A set of keyboard and mouse can control multiple computers at the same time, and the data is completely synchronized.
  • Using USB2.0 full-speed technology, no need to drive compatible windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Dos, Netware سیستم عامل.
  • The keyboard automatically bursts, playing the game handy.
  • Keyboard hotkey switching.
  • Not only is a synchronizer, but also a KM switch, support hot-key switching.
  • The mouse automatically crosses the screen virtual switch (mouse moves in multiple computers left and right, the keyboard can follow the mouse together Switch to the corresponding computer).
  • Can cascade to more connection.