Development board Z-turn Board Xilinx Zynq-7000/7010/7020 XC7Z010 XC7Z020

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  • Sensor Type: Holzer
CPU processor system unit (PS):
High performance dual core ARM Cortex-A9 processing system
Dual channel cache
Highest support for 1GB DDR
Highest support 866MHz master frequency
Support 10/100/1000M Ethernet
Programmable logic unit (PL):
Function item XC7Z010 XC7Z020
The programmable logic cell, 28K, is approximately 430 thousand ASIC gates 85K and approximately 1 million 300 thousand ASIC gates
LUTs 1760053200
Trigger 35200106400
RAM 240KB 560KB
DSP Slice 80220
Memory 1GB, DDR3, SDRAM (2*512MB), 32bit data bus
Flash, 512MB, NandFlash (reserved)
16MB QSPI Flash
Sensor three axis acceleration sensor
Temperature sensor
USB 1 way MINI USB interface (OTG)
1 way USB debug serial port
HDMI 1 way HDMI HD output interface, support 1080P display
TF 1 TF card interface
CAN 1 way CAN interface
Ethernet 1 way 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface
Debug interface 1 14PIN double debug interface, spacing 2.54mm
User lights, 2 user lights
1 FPGA configurations complete the indicator light
1 power indicator light
1 RGB tricolor LED lights (system heart light)
Press 4 way toggle switch, 2 buttons (1 reset keys, 1 user keys)
Buzzer 1 buzzer
User extension interface 2 80PIN (common 160PIN) double line interface, spacing 1.27mm
PL IOs:90/106 (XC7Z010/XC7Z020)
Electrical parameter
Item parameter
Operating temperature -0~+ 70 C, commercial grade
Ambient temperature -50 ~ 100 DEG C
Ambient humidity 20%~90%, non condensing
Mechanical dimensions 63mm, X 102 mm, thickness 1.6mm
PCB جزئیاتs 8 laminates design, sinking process, independent ground signal layer, lead free
Electrical index DC 5V/2A
aeProduct.getSubject() aeProduct.getSubject()
Cross compiler GCC, 4.6.1, GCC, version, 4.6.1 (SourceryCodeBench, Lite, 2011.09-50)
Bootstrap boot.bin, a primary boot program that includes FSBL, bitstream, and u-boot to provide source code
Linux kernel Linux 3.15.0, designed for MYS-XC7Z010 hardware Linux kernel, to provide source code
Driver USB, OTG, USB, OTG driver, to provide source code
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet driver, providing source code
MMC/SD/TF MMC/SD/ TF card driver source
CAN CAN driver, providing source code
LCD Controller XYLON LCD screen driver, providing source code
HDMI HDMI driver, providing source code
Button Button driver, providing source code
UART serial driver, providing source code
LED LED driver, providing source code
GPIO GPIO driver, providing source code
Buzzer buzzer driver, to provide source code
G-Sensor three axis sensor driver, to provide source code
Temperature Sensor temperature sensor driver, to provide source code
File system, Ramdisk, Ramdisk, system mirroring
UbuntuDesktop 12.04 tar archive file and TF mirror file