FPGA Development Board UltraScale ZU3EG ZYNQ MPSOC Edgeboar Computing Card Learning AI

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Air Conditioner Parts


Whole set: computer Card + fan +mini USB line +16G TF Card +Power supply


Special Mini DP to HDMI cable

The Mini DP interface is reserved for the board card. If you need Mini DP to convert HDMI cable, buy ALINX customized Mini DP to convert HDMI cable. The ordinary cable is not applicable, and the chip has requirements for the cable




User manual

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www.alinx.vip:81/ug/FZ3A_UG.pdf www.alinx.vip:81/ug/FZ3B_UG.pdf


Based on the FPGA implementation of erasable scalable computing architecture, the algorithm under the background of the generation, A flexible adaptation frontier, the network model with good effect. High performance low power consumption, extend the mouth, can be easily embedded into various Al hardware, widely used in security monitoring, industrial inspection, medical diagnosis, scientific research and teaching, such as smart retail scene.






















Product package: 

“F23A package and FZ3B package are recommended for product development, including customized fan, power supply and TF card with good heat dissipation performance.”