Latest Versioin XIEGU X6100 50MHz HF Transceiver All Mode Transceiver Portable SDR Transceiver With Antenna Tuner

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  • برند: AISANRAY
  • Function: Built-In Speaker
  • Style: Portable
  • گواهینامه: NONE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: SW
  • جنس بدنه: Metal
  • مدل: x6100

Note: tariff is not included, and the buyer is responsible for the tariffXIEGU X6100 is an ultra-portable shortwave transceiver, and adopts the SDR software radio platform architecture of excellent performance, which carries powerful baseband and RF unit, and integrates rich and diversified operating functions, bringing you a brand-new recognition and experience on amateur radio. With its compact structure and tiny appearance, you can immediately set forth on a journey with it, get close to nature, and enjoy the fun of outdoor communication.

 HF/50MHz full mode (supporting data communication)
 Transmitting power: External power supply: 10W, battery: 5W
 4″ high-resolution color screen, 800*480
 Built-in large capacity lithium battery pack (3500mAh, 12V)
 Built-in efficient automatic antenna tuner
 Integrated standing wave scanner, voice pager
 Integrated modem, preset message, CW automatic call
 Native Bluetooth/wifi function, can realize wireless audio/keyboard & mouse operation.
 Integrated USB line control/transmission, supports USB HOST.
 Standard high stability TCXO internal clock source

X6100 adopts independent baseband and RF unit. The baseband unit provides control, advanced data processing, signal digital processing, and multimedia interface functions, and can add new functions continuously through system upgrade. The RF unit adopts the SDR structure, to receive and transmit the radio signals, and uses the dual-channel structure with separate transmitting and receiving, under the cooperation of the 24bit sampling and large dynamic RF front-end unit, it can obtain extremely high radio indicators, making it no longer difficult to listen to the world.

The whole machine provides two USB interfaces, supporting HOST and DEVICE. It has an extensible external TF card, which is used to store channel information or voice information. It provides an ACC interface, with a dedicated cable, it can be directly connected to the XPA125B amplifier, to achieve automatic control. It provides a 3.5mm-KEY interface for the connection of hand keys and automatic keys. It provides an S/P interface, which can be customized as an external speaker or earphone through menu selection. The whole machine also provides an IQ signal output interface, which is used to connect to external sampling equipment for auxiliary reception.

X6100 HF/50MHz Full-mode Ultra-portable Transceiver

The 4″ high brightness high-resolution color
screen (800*480), carrying a powerful quad
core mobile processor, 4G ROM, 512MRAM,
is designed to meet future requirements.
It has all the elements that an ultra-portable
machine should have, including built-in
rechargeable battery pack, built-in high
performance automatic antenna tuner, built-in
microphone, and standing wave scanner. It has everything you want.
The high-performance SDR platform can meet your daily/competition requirements. Functions comparable to desktop computers, such as recording call, variable bandwidth digital filter, digital noise reduction, etc., everything needed is ready.
The powerful baseband processing and
control platform supports a wider range of
function extensions and applications. With
native Bluetooth/wifi support, wireless
interconnection is easily realized.

Integrated, portable

X6100 inherits the compact and high performance
characteristics of the X series. As a new generation flagship
ultra-portable transceiver, it still achieves a powerful integration to meet your various expectations and requirements for portable ones.

Complete functions and rich configuration

In terms of X6100, it has most of the unique functions of SDR device, such as: variable bandwidth digital filter, digital
noise reduction, digital pulse interference elimination,
recording call, spectrum/waterfall display, preset message, modem (CW/RTTY/PSK), IQ signal output, etc. It complies with the functional configuration requirements of the current
mainstream digital devices.

Powerful baseband and control system

Using a deeply optimized system, it is the first to use an architecture with fully independent baseband unit and RF unit for X series, obtaining extraordinary user experience. The powerful multimedia capabilities help users to communicate in a more pleasant manner, and realize the integrated USB control/transmission/automatic telegraph functions, making connection not complicated any more.


Q: Is the transmitting frequency and receiving frequency continous?
A: Receiving frequency is continous.
Transmitting frequancy is restricted to amateur radio frequency.
Out-of-band emission is forbidden(need to spread spectrum)

Q: How many working modes?

Q: What kinds of digital Communication is available?

Q: How to use antenna tuning unit?
A: Long press the ATU button to start the built-in ATU for forced tuning.

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لطفا پیش از ارسال نظر، خلاصه قوانین زیر را مطالعه کنید: فارسی بنویسید و از کیبورد فارسی استفاده کنید. بهتر است از فضای خالی (Space) بیش‌از‌حدِ معمول، شکلک یا ایموجی استفاده نکنید و از کشیدن حروف یا کلمات با صفحه‌کلید بپرهیزید. نظرات خود را براساس تجربه و استفاده‌ی عملی و با دقت به نکات فنی ارسال کنید؛ بدون تعصب به محصول خاص، مزایا و معایب را بازگو کنید و بهتر است از ارسال نظرات چندکلمه‌‌ای خودداری کنید. بهتر است در نظرات خود از تمرکز روی عناصر متغیر مثل قیمت، پرهیز کنید. به کاربران و سایر اشخاص احترام بگذارید. پیام‌هایی که شامل محتوای توهین‌آمیز و کلمات نامناسب باشند، حذف می‌شوند.

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