PIXRACER R15 Autopilot xracer PX4 Pixhawk Flight Controller For FPV Racing RC Drone Quadcopter Multicopter Multirotor

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  • برند: TEAEGG
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Recommend Age: 12 y
  • Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
  • Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: Remote Controller

Pixracer R15 Autopilot xracer PX4  Flight Controller

Note: Pixracer must be powered by Power Module, and ESC with BEC cannot be used to power pixracer,Because the circuit board is designed like this. So please use 3DR Power Module for power supply.

R15 standard Set Package Included:
Pixracer R15 Flight controller  x 1
Plastic  shell x 1
Safety switcher  and Buzzer  x 1
4G TFCard  x 1

Card reader  x1
Cables set (GH1.25 6P Line+GH1.25 4P Line + GH1.25 5P Line)  x1

ESP8266 Wifi module x 1

3DR Power Module x1

ThePixraceris the common name for the FMUv4 generation of Pixhawk autopilots. It has been designed primarily for the demanding requirements of small multicopters, but of course can be used on planes and other vehicles which require no more than 6 pwm outputs for controlling escs and motors.

Many people will mistakenly believe that the PixRacer is just a standard “racer” controller that lacks many of the functionalities of a complete autopilot system. Well, don’t be fooled! PixRacer has all the capabilities of the original PixHawk -including version 2- and even more! But is optimized in size and has just about the right amount of input/outputs that allows you to switch from a full enriched autopilot stack system -with autolanding and full navigation- to a high-performance racing platform. Yup, if you get tired of advanced waypoints, then flip the switch and race like a pro! R15 has an updated accelerometer/gyroscope, magnetometer and ROHS (Lead Free).
Includes an ESP8266 for easy WiFi Updates. Comes with the latest Ardupilot ESP8266 firmware developed by Andrew Tridge. This new firmware has a nice web interface, MavLink2 support and an easier way to do future updates via the web interface.


  • Wifi: ESP-01 802.11bgn Flashed with MavESP8266

  • MicroSD card reader

  • Micro USB


  • GPS (serial + I2C)


  • Wifi serial

  • FrSky Telemetry serial

  • Debug connector (serial + SWD)

  • Connectors: GPS+I2C, RC-IN, PPM-IN, RSSI, SBus-IN, Spektrum-IN, USART3 (TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS), USART2 (TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS), FRSky-IN, FRSky-OUT, CAN, USART8 (TxD, RxD), ESP8266 (full set), SERVO1-SERVO6, USART7 (TxD, RxD), JTAG (SWDIO, SWCLK), POWER-BRICK (VDD, Voltage, Current, GND), BUZZER-LED_BUTTON.

Power System:

5-5.5VDC from USB or PowerBrick connector. Optional/recommendedACSP4 +5V/+12V Power Supply.

Weight and Dimensions:
Weight: 10.54g (.37 oz)
Width: 36mm (1.42”)
Length: 36mm (1.42”)