Up2Stream Pro V3 WiFi and Bluetooth audio receiver board wireless with spotify airplay dlna internet radio Multi-room Free APP

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عکسها ،توضیحات و مشخصات این محصول به صورت سیستمی عینا از سایت Aliexpress چین درج شده است و در صورت ثبت سفارش، پس از خرید از علی اکسپرس ، از چین به آدرس شما ارسال می شود.
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نقد و بررسی اجمالی
  • برند: Arylic
  • Interface: 3.5mm
  • Interface: USB
  • گواهینامه: NONE
  • Wireless Type: WiFi
  • Wireless Type: bluetooth
  • Content: AUDIO
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • High Definition Support: None
  • Sound Track: Double
  • WIFI Standard: 2.4G
  • Support AAC: Yes
  • مدل: Up2Stream Pro V3
  • Support Apt-x: No
  • Support Memory Card: Yes
  • Package: Yes
  • Feature: AIRPLAY
  • Feature: DLNA
  • Network: 2.4G WiFi,100M Ethernet
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Streaming Protocol: Airplay,DLNA, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth
  • I2S: Available
  • Control Device: Cellphone,tablet,laptop,remote control
  • Music Source: Memory,USB,NAS,Cloud Services
  • Streaming Servcies: Spotify,Tidal,Qobuz,Deezer,Napster,iHeartRadio,Youtube(By Bluetooth)
  • App: Android&iOS ,4STREAM
  • Multroom&Multizone: Yes
  • Online Update: Yes
  • Accessory: User Manual, WiFi Antenna
  • Audio Input: 24bit/192khz
  • Audio Output: 16bit/44.1khz

Upgrade Speakers into Wireless System with Wifi Stereo Receiver

TV sound, online music, gaming audio. All sounds of your home entertainment can be streamed wirelessly by Up2stream Pro V3 wifi stereo receiver. Compatible with your latest control device constant use phone, PC, and Tablet. Meet your needs and give you different music enjoyment.

DIY your Wifi Speakers

– Micro USB Sound Card

Up2stream V3 Series can work as an USB DAC, you can directly connect it to a PC and stream PC audio digitally.

More Extension

SPDIF out, ADC KEY for buttons use, 2 I/O for extension, such as volume knobs. Give you more creativity with DIY projects.

Customize your Favorites

You can use our ACPWorkbench to customize the different frequency and equalizer settings for your favorite music.

DIY Wifi Multi zone Control

By adding multiple Up2stream Pro to your speakers in multiple rooms, you can hook up all units to form a multiroom audio system. You can play the same music to all the rooms at the same time in sync. This can let your guess enjoy the booming music all over your house when you host a house party.

Upgrade All your Stereo into Wireless system

By adding an Up2stream Pro V3 wifi stereo receiver to your stereo devices, like audio amplifiers, vinyl, active speakers, or CD players. Then you can stream audio and control sounds easily and wirelessly.

All Music you like

Huge music resources supported like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Internet Radio, iheart Radio, Napster etc. Except online music, you also can play local music by NAS, USB storage where you have collected your favorite song for years.

Wireless Connectivity

Streaming your audio all the way by Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0, DLNA, UPnP, Airplay, Spotify Connect.

Streaming your Music Everywhere

No matter where you are in your house, you can always take out your phone to play a song for youryou or your family. Like play a Bedtime Story for your Children, a love song for your wife, easy and wirelessly.

Free iOS & Android App

Our App called “4stream” that is compatible to your iOS & Android system. All the features can be simply controlled by App. And you also can receive the notification for our regular online firmware update automatically in our App.

Difference with Up2stream Mini V3 & Up2stream Pro V3

Package Included

True Customer Feedback

Jean from FR

“Used to modernize a 1946 radio this card does the job. Associated with a power supply from a laptop, a class D amplifier and a speaker mounted in bass reflex the whole produces a quality sound.”

Customer from DE

“I use it in my boomblaster where it is hooked to my amplifier. You connect super easy to it.And it plays very good and have a good volume and sound. I can recommend it.”

Laser from US

“Excellent sound and easy setup. I can stream my music on one device and my grand daughter stream her music on the Up2Stream Mini. Every streaming service that I know about is available from the app. I love the fact that I can also stream my Amazon music. I am going to get two more Up2Stream Mini V3’s for my garage and basement.”

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