USB to infrared converter FT232RQ chip industry USB/ infrared meter reader power meter controller IEC62056-21 IEC1107

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Note:This is USB to infrared converter,not meter


Product description    MY001 USB to near-infrared IR converter is used for one end with near-infrared IR optical interface Between the instrument or other equipment and the other end of the computer PC or handheld device HHU through infrared The communication method carries on local serial communication, realizes the data transmission.   The converter is USB2.0 to near-infrared IR interface, using FT232RQ USB core Film, supports multiple versions of Windows سیستم عاملs (such as win10/win8/win7/xp, etc.), Realize data transparent transmission; USB2.0 interface power supply, no need for external power supply; compact and convenient Easy to carry, plug and play. The external dimensions of the converter meet the standard IEC62056-21 (previous edition IEC61107) and The user requires the size requirements for all data transmission of DLMS/COSEM.


Technical parameter  Communication equipment: portable computer PC or handheld device HHU Transmission direction: the converter can carry out two-way serial communication with the meter through infrared IR USB interface: USB2.0, USB power supply +5V, no external power supply required Infrared wavelength [nm]: 800-1000 Magnetic strength: 1.18T Baud rate [Bd]: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 Connection method: The converter is attached to the corresponding communication interface of the instrument through its magnet Wire length: USB wire is 1.5 meters long Dimensions: round head diameter 32.3mm, height 27mm Operating temperature range: -20℃ to +50℃